We Do The Research So You Don't Have To


Our Thoroughly-Researched Program is Based on Experts in their Respective Fields, Such As:

Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. David Diamond

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Dr. Jeff Volek

Dr. Eric Westman

Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS

The Charlie Foundation


We Synthesize and Condense the Research into Easily Understandable and Applicable Advice

We have coached dozens of clients of all different sizes, shapes, ages, athleticism, education, and goals to long-standing health.

Over 7 weeks, we will teach you the core principles of the Keto lifestyle, which will become lifelong habits. 


Changing Lives

We have an ever-growing list of success stories and testimonials. 

As an online program we have clients from Central Massachusetts, Florida, and South Jersey. 

While we do not solely focus on the scale, weight loss is the most visible benefit of our program and the way of life we promote.  

One Unified Program of 7-Week Sessions of Varying Experience


Introductory Clients

All new clients must take an introductory session to understand our core principles, such as: 

-When to Eat

-What to Eat

-Metabolic Basics

-Food Psychology

-Setting Personal Goals

-And More


Advanced Clients

After completing an introductory session, returning clients are considered "advanced", and will receive more advanced topics, such as: 

-Gut Health


-Meal Suggestions

-Supplement Suggestions

-Book Suggestions

-And More


Private Clients

Whether Introductory or Advanced, private clients will receive the full group coaching experience with additional personal support to guarantee understanding of the material and adherence to the programs key pillars. 

We offer individual and "couples" private coaching, for you and a friend or spouse. 

Meet the Coaches

Denise Lockbaum (Founder)


Denise, first and foremost, is grounded in her faith and seeks to make God look great. She is a wife to her husband Gordon of 28 years, and a mother to her son Gordie (29), Olivia (21), and Luke (14). She is a Licensed Cosmetologist of 30 years and a Certified Pilates Instructor for over 20 years. As Serial Dieter, with over 30 years of experience, she is an expert in what NOT to do to maintain weight loss. She has lost over 200 lbs... the same 10 lbs over 20 times! Her quest to end "yo-yo dieting" and her gut/digestion issues has brought her to her latest passion as a Ketogenic Health Coach. Her specialty is Metabolic Health Restoration through nutritional ketosis as well as gut health. Denise only references the latest in evidence-based research science from the experts in their fields including ketogenic mechanisms, diabetes, cancer, neurology, longevity and human performance. She is presently enrolled in a professional training course offered by Nutrition Network, which is an education, connection, and learning platform founded by The Noakes Foundation in partnership with an esteemed team of doctors and scientists. The platform has been designed exclusively for medical practitioners across all disciplines, covering the latest and most up-to-date science and research in the field of Low Carb Nutrition. She has aligned herself with the Nutrition Coalition, who’s primary goal is ensuring U.S. nutrition policy is based on rigorous scientific evidence. 

Ray Douglass


Ray, deeply rooted faith, has a genuine love for helping others. The mother of two athletic young men. She is a certified Pilates instructor, Z-Health professional and movement coach. After spending the majority of the past 25 years studying the science and evidence-based research of muscular and neurological movement and health, she has recently partnered with Denise to learn about the body’s metabolic health. Her passion for learning and desire to understand the human body has prompted her to now address nutrition. She is excited to continue to study with Denise and the leading researchers in ground-breaking science of disease prevention, to enhance longevity and sustained overall health. Ray would like to better the lives of others by enthusiastically sharing this information with as many people as possible!

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